Our volunteers are at the very heart of what K2K does. Without the fabulous people who pitch in every day to help in the operation of the station we wouldn’t be able to air our shows, much less be a platform for all the great presenters and radio shows that we broadcast!

Think you might like to join us?

We look for people who are able to commit to a minimum of one 4-hour shift per week/fortnight/month and we offer free hours of studio/on air time in return.  Volunteer duties include being responsible for the operation of the studio, monitoring sound levels, recording shows, liaising with presenters, the station manager and engaging with the public on social media.

We are committed to providing a high quality experience for all volunteers, and the work would not be otherwise undertaken by a paid member of staff so we provide training, support and experience of working on an on-line radio station studio.  In the past, university students have gained the practical skills needed for coursework and built up experience to gain paid employment in media and the broadcast industry.

Think you’d like to know more? Please e-mail ktokradio@gmail.com to start a conversation and to apply.

First though, please support us on social media by liking/following/retweeting/sharing all about K2K Radio using the hashtag #k2kradio2020.