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K2K Radio was set up in 2012 by community radio lovers, broadcasting from The Albert in South Kilburn then South Kilburn Studios, to provide a platform for people to share their voices and passions with the world. Since then, the tribe has blossomed and now has a dedicated station manager, a super studio tech team, media consultants and a multitude of regular, besides new, DJs presenting a mix of great tunes, random endeavours, local as we’ll soon be in the Granville, and global focus plus wonderful conversation with a sprinkle of convivial banter.

We offer free radio production workshops, train budding studio managers and aspiring presenters to allow them to experiment and flourish to industry standard levels.

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K2K Radio’s, Daria, host of Songs on the Underground is a shining example of how you can become one of the family.

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How did you get involved with K2K radio?

Back in December 2016, I was putting on a fundraising gig for Help Refugeesat The Good Ship in Kilburn (now sadly closed down). I was looking around for ways to promote the gig in the local community and came across K2K radio. Maha had me as a guest on her showwhere we chatted and played the Balkan music of my childhood. It was really fun and she said to me afterwards that, if I wanted to, I could do my own show – so I did! That’s how Songs on the Underground was born.

What’s your show about?

I choose a line on the London Underground and play music that relates to that line – simple as that! I also find out a little bit about the history of the tube and share some interesting stories. I’ve always been a massive fan of the tube – I used to have to get it to school and would frequently stare at the map memorising what lines all the stations were on. It’s also a good way to find new music and artists that I wouldn’t otherwise come across.

Tell us something interesting you’ve found out about the underground.

OMG where to start! In 1924, a girl was born at Elephant & Castle station – she was the first baby to be born on the Underground network. Also, Earl’s Court was the first station on the London Underground network to install escalators, and a one-legged man called “Bumper” Harris was hired for the day to ride the escalators up and down to demonstrate and reassure passengers of the safety of this new-fangled technology.

Has anything ever gone terribly wrong live on air?

Usually, Mikey is with me as the Studio Manager, and he makes sure everything is on and working as it should be. However, for my last show about the Jubilee line, he wasn’t around so I was doing the studio management side myself. I’ve been shadowing the SMs and had studio managed another show on K2K already, so I didn’t think it would be an issue but on the day, it was so stressful.  I had to text my mum to check if I was live on air! It gave me a new-found appreciation for Mikey and his calm demeanour.

What’s your favourite London Underground line?

I often say the Victoria line because it’s so zippy, the trains are new and you don’t really wait for more than two minutes for the next one. But I have this weird affection for the Circle and District lines – but only the Edgware Road to Earl’s Court bit – as that’s what I’ve probably travelled on most in my life. Earl’s Court has this old school destination board with arrows that light up to indicate where the tube is going – it wouldn’t be out of place in Harry Potter! At Paddington, the platform on that section of the Circle line branch is semi-open and has this weird, hybrid smell of McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC grease all in one.

What will happen to Songs on the Underground when you run out of London Underground lines?

I nearly always start with far more songs each month than I can play on the show, so I’m sure I could stretch to another round of shows for each line. Otherwise, I’m thinking about other concepts for radio shows or podcasts that I could co-host with another person.