Ru the Sculptor Wikmann

Genres: Health and Fitness

1st Sunday

WBFF Pro Fitness Model | Personal Trainer | Body Transformation Coach | Founder & Host of Shredded Brainiac podcast | Kilimanjaro Conqueror

Shredded Brainiac is a podcast on finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life. Ru interviews athletes, coaches, actors and other public persons who are not only in shape but also do something awesome with it. Optimising mindset through psychology of high performance and ultimate productivity.

Ru Wikmann is a London Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach based in a private health club in Central London. Unlike most fitness professionals, he knows what it’s like to be seriously unfit. He’s been in your shoes so he knows how important the right mental approach is, in order to take action, overcome adversity, and succeed at reaching goals previously thought of as unattainable.

As a kid Ru developed a bone condition in left shoulder that left his humerus slightly deformed. He had to stay away from sports for a long time, and only when Ru turned 17 did it all change, as he got into fitness and weight training, and due to a large dose of resilience he started gradually progressing.

Ru has come a long way since then. He eats, sleeps and breathes health and fitness, and it shows in the outstanding results he achieves for his clients and for himself. Ru has been nicknamed “The Sculptor” by his clients due to the rapid body transformation results achieved by following his programme. As a NLP Master Practitioner he can show you how to build motivation and most importantly, how to remain motivated.