Knockout Ned’s Social Club

Genres: Soul, Reggae / Dub, Funk, Afrobeat

2nd Friday
4/24/17 8:00 pm - 4/24/17 10:00 pm

4th Friday
4/24/17 8:00 pm - 4/24/17 10:00 pm

Knockout Ned and those of his Social Club continue to dedicate the time that is theirs on this Earth to unearthing music that hums under its surface.

Although no formal manifesto has been written, the Social Club serves its uncodified mandate to provide human ear drums with grooves from Funksville, Afrobeat from the Motherland, 808s and snare drums from The Projects, Rasta hymns from Trenchtown, soul from the Motor City and various other sonic serotonin straight out of left-field. No destination has ever been established, so join us on our scenic journey. KNSC will never die and neither will you.